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Cristiano Ronaldo: CR7 Joins Al Nassr

Learn English with Cristiano Ronaldo. Considered one of the greatest soccer players of all time, joins Saudi Arabia’s Al Nassr team in a historic move. In this interview, he expresses his excitement for the new challenge and opportunity to not only excel on the field but also to inspire and impact the next generation in Saudi Arabia. He mentions that his family is also excited and feels welcome in the country. Ronaldo also mentions his desire to use his experience and knowledge to help develop not just the sport, but also the country and its perspective on women’s football. He dismisses criticism and opinions of those who do not understand the current state of football and is confident in his decision to join the team.

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Cristiano Ronaldo “Quote”

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“Talent without working hard is nothing.” Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo | FULL TRANSCRIPT:

“Many people speak and give you… give their opinions, but they really did not know nothing about football. The only team that won the champions was Saudi Arabia. Don’t forget that. And to be honest, I’m really don’t worry about what the people say. This contract is unique because I’m a unique player as well. So for me, it’s normal.”

Host: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m really delighted and excited to welcome you all to this historic event, the unveiling of the Portuguese star and the world’s greatest footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, as another player here at Marzul Park, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Welcome, Cristiano. Thank you. Well, yes. Announcing this historic transfer, your new club stated, this is history in the making. This is a signing that will not only inspire our club to achieve even greater success, but inspire our league, our nation and future generations, boys and girls, to be the best version of themselves. Cristiano, bem-vindo a Arabia Saudita. Welcome to Saudi Arabia, your new home and to Al-Nassr, your new team. So, you conquered Europe, now a fresh new start in Asia. How does it feel to be here in Saudi Arabia?

Cristiano Ronaldo: Well, so far feeling very good. I’m so proud to make this big decision in my life in football. As you mentioned before, in Europe, my work, it’s done. I won everything. I played in the most important clubs in Europe. And for me now is a new challenge. As you mentioned in Asia, I’m glad for that Al-Nassr gave me this opportunity to show and develop, not only for the football, but also for the generation, the young generation, the women’s generation as well, for the young boys. And for me, it’s a challenge. But in the same way, I feel very, very happy and very proud.

Host: Definitely. And absolutely ready. What excites you and also your family who are here already with you about your new future in Saudi Arabia

Cristiano Ronaldo: They are happy as well. You know, when I take my decisions, my family, they always support me, especially my kids.

Host: God bless them as well.

Cristiano Ronaldo: But it’s good. They are very happy. The welcome yesterday was amazing. We feel good here. Saudi Arabia people they are lovely with me and with my family. So, I’m really proud.

Host: You already felt it. Well, Cristiano, you have always been ambitious. What are you hoping to achieve on and off the pitch in Saudi Arabia?

Cristiano Ronaldo: As I told you before, for me, this is a great opportunity not only in football, but also to change the mentality of the new generation. As nobody knows, but I can say now I had many opportunities in Europe, many clubs in Brazil, in Australia, in the US, even in Portugal, many clubs try to sign me, but I give the word to this club for the opportunity to develop not only the football, but the other part of this amazing country. And for me, it’s a good challenge. I know what I want, and I know, of course, what I don’t want as well. So always a good chance to change, to help with my knowledge and my experience, to help to grow many, many important points. Also, a woman that. Many people probably don’t know, but Al-Nassr, they have a woman’s football as well. And I want to give a different vision of the country, of the football, the perspective of everybody. So, this is why I took this opportunity.

Host: Amazing respect. Frankly speaking, did Saudi performance at the World Cup and the fact that all the players are in SPL really helped in convincing you doing the move and joining Saudi football?

Cristiano Ronaldo: Many people speak and give you give their opinions, but they really did not know nothing about football. As you know, the football now, probably the last 10, 15 years, they are different. All the teams are more prepared. All the teams are ready. If you see and you give the example of World Cup, the only team that won the champions was Saudi Arabia. Don’t forget that.

Host: Yes.

Cristiano Ronaldo: And you had many surprises. South Korea, for example, the African teams, Costa Rica, for example, they did a good job. It’s not easy to win any games today because the teams are prepared. The football, it’s different. The evolution of football is different. So, for me, it’s not, it’s not the end of my career to come in South Africa. This is why I want to change. And to be honest, I’m really don’t worry about what the people say. I took my decisions and I have responsibility to change it. But for me, it’s… I’m really, really happy to be here. And I know the league is very competitive. The people don’t know that as well, but I know because I saw many games and you know what I want. And I’m looking forward… to play. And I hope to play after tomorrow if the coach thinks it’s a good change… chance. But I’m… you know, I’m ready to enjoy it to still play football and enjoy the people.

Host: We’re really excited to see you on the pitch as well. Well, one thing we all agree on this is this is a unique sighting. But some people have criticized your move here. I know you don’t care, as you just mentioned, but I want your thoughts on this.

Cristiano Ronaldo: I mean, you declare itself is good to coming here a bit. The all records there. So, I’m going to beat a few records here as well. So, for me, is that… it’s a good chance, as you say, this contract is unique because I’m a unique player as well. So, for me, it’s normal.

Host: Great. What is your message to all your fans in Saudi and around the world from here?

Cristiano Ronaldo: It’s simple. I come in here to win, to play, to enjoy, to be part of the successful of the country and the culture of the… the culture of the country. And I’m here all together with Al-Nassr, with my coach, with my president and the all the other people from Al-Nassr. And what I want is to enjoy, to smile and play football.

Host: Amazing. Thank you. Thank you, Cristiano. And ladies and gentlemen, another round of applause to our great player and star, Cristiano Ronaldo. To you, coach Rudi, how are you?

Rudi Garcia: Very happy.

Host: I can see that. I can see the huge smile.

Rudi Garcia: For sure!

Host: Well, coach Rudi, you managed hundreds of players in your managerial career. How do you think working with the world’s best player with your team?

Rudi Garcia: First of all, I’m very surprised about a lot of people in the press conference today. Normally, normally after the game, there is three or four journalists. Today I don’t know why.

Host: This is a new era. This is a new era.

Rudi Garcia: So please, every game, everyone is welcome to come after the game to speak about… Cristiano’s goal. Cristiano is one of the best players in the world. In the story of the football, he’s a legend. So, it’s an honor for sure for me, but also for Al-Nassr to welcome Cristiano. We are here to win. Nothing else.

Host: Great. You once said you want to coach Ronaldo. Here he is right next to you.

Rudi Garcia: Yes, we will have time to speak about a lot of things, but about the most important thing and the most important thing is here, it’s green. And we need to train, and we need to win and we need to play here.

Host: Absolutely. How do you see him, Cristiano, impacting football beyond just Al-Nassr, but also on the league and the wider region?

Rudi Garcia: Yeah, he’s an example. Everyone knows that. So, my goal, my objective for Cristiano is to make him happy. And I want him to enjoy playing with Al-Nassr and winning with Al-Nassr. Just that.

Host: Yeah, it’s all about enjoying through that. Thank you. Thank you, Rudi. Wishing you, Ronaldo and the rest of the team great success in the future. With that, ladies and gentlemen, we have come to our end of this session. Cristiano will now make his way to the dressing room to get ready for his big moment, the unveiling in Al-Nassr for the very first time. Thank you all for joining us in this special and historic occasion.

Cristiano Ronaldo

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