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Gurudev: Overcome Fear Now!

Learn English with Gurudev. Join Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in this enlightening talk from Nu Boyana Film Studios, Sofia, Bulgaria, where he shares four powerful mantras to let go of painful memories and move beyond a painful past. In this session, Gurudev uncovers the roadblocks to our natural intuition and creativity, underscores the importance of meditation, and provides a simple yet effective technique to conquer fear. Embrace the transformative power of this talk to navigate your path towards inner peace. A world-renowned humanitarian, spiritual leader, and peace ambassador, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has dedicated his life to creating a stress-free and violence-free world. He is the founder of The Art of Living, a non-profit organization leading stress-management and various service initiatives worldwide, inspiring millions along the way.

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Gurudev | Quote

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“If you can win over your mind, you can win over the whole world.” Gurudev


Come on! Laugh, smile! Life is so short to enjoy, to be happy here.

Why are we so miserable? As a kid, how you were? There was a spark in your eyes. Do you see the spark now? Or only sparks of anger? Sparks of misery? I feel like telling them, pulling their cheek and pulling their ears and hey, come on! Laugh! Smile! Life is so short to enjoy, to be happy here. Why are we so miserable?”

Are we holding on to the past? Past is anyway gone, right? If you can see the entire past as a dream, as a movie, that’s gone, something happens within you. You become aware inside. You have to simply blow the past for a minute and come to the moment. Life springs up.

You know, in life there are good times and bad times. Who did not have bad times? Who did not have good time? Tell me! Everybody gets some good time, some bad time, right? Look back and see. Didn’t you have a difficult time five years back? Three years back? 10 years back? Yes, but you still survived. You will survive this also. You will move on. Looking at your own experience, your own life, you will get the confidence to wake up. It gives you, the confidence, “hey, I can do it!”

Second, invoke the valour inside of you. “Come what may, I will manage it. I’ll see! I have the energy, the strength, the power within me. The trust in the energy, the power that you have is the second option. Third is, you know anyway everything will go one day. Whether you are successful, you will die, whether you’re a failure, you will also die. Success or failure, everybody is going to die. Everything is going to finish. The curtain is going to come down on the play. However the play was, whether it is tragedy, comedy, however it was, just be a witness to your own life and its events. That can keep your smile and your life force alive.

And the fourth thing is, know that you are not alone. There is a higher power which is so kind, so compassionate and it’s holding your hands. It has done it in the past so believe, whatever you call it, God, you call it the higher self or you call just the consciousness, whatever you call but there is a power. That’s all!

You know all that you want to know, you cannot know. You cannot know about love, you can only feel it. You cannot know about joy. That only you can experience it. Every mature scientist says what I know is very little, what I don’t know is huge. And any philosopher you ask he will say, well I don’t know.

So life is a journey from an ugly ‘I don’t know’, to a beautiful ‘I don’t know’. See that? When you are angry, what do you say? I don’t know. When you are frustrated you come up with the same, ‘I don’t know’. But that journey has to move from a frustrated ‘I don’t know’ to a beautiful ‘I don’t know’. And all that is worth in life, you cannot understand them.

Love you cannot understand. I can talk to you two hours about love but the little dog in your home will convey to you in 30 seconds. You can only see through eyes not through your ears. You can’t taste through your nose. Similarly, love can only be felt in the sixth sense, not through sight, touch, taste, smell and sound.

You know when the tsunami happened nobody gave a warning but all the animals they left the seashore three hours before. They climbed. They went up the hill so no animal was lost, but human beings were lost. Because animals sometimes use their sixth sense. We do have but we don’t use because we are so caught up in our day-to-day things, you know, we are all the time thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, and we don’t let the sixth sense come up inside of us.

Today earlier I was told there is a recent research which says: “The more screen time you spend the less creative you become.” Because when you are looking at the screen you don’t blink and if you don’t blink your eyes you become less creative. And then you can explore within this body of ours, there is tremendous potential. Your intuitive ability can make your life so much more easier, better.

What do you need in life? Intuition, intelligence, innovative spirit, being creative. All these three come when we do some meditation and that is why meditation is so important. It just helps us to get our mind free from all the shackles we put around the mind. See, meditation is an effortless process. Usually, we think oh we have to concentrate concentrate. No. Whatever thoughts come let it come. Then you start relaxing, relaxing. Then you reach a space deep within you. Spend a little more time and meditate. You will explore a different dimension in your own universe, in your own life.

Fear, love and hatred – they form a triangle. When there is love, there is no fear. When there is fear, then there is no love. When there is hatred, there is no love nor fear. What could help you to get over fear? It’s your breath. Ujjayi breath. Breathing from the back of the throat, that will help you to stabilize.

I would like you to make one resolution. What? Drop all your worries here. You go back with a big smile and spread smiles all around, yeah? This is needed today, right? We must spread smiles.