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Rakul, Samantha, Tamannaah & Kajal: Heroines Unite

Learn English with Rakul, Samantha, Tamannaah & Kajal. Join Kajal Aggarwal, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Tamannaah Bhatia, and Rakul Preet Singh in a heartwarming discussion about the Marvel movie, Captain Marvel. These powerful women from the Indian film industry dive deep into the significance of the film and its impact on gender representation in media. Watch as they share their thoughts on women’s empowerment, the importance of strong female characters in cinema, and their own personal experiences and beliefs about equality and representation. Be inspired by their eloquent dialogue and spirited camaraderie in this engaging conversation.

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Kajal Aggarwal | Quote

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“Work while they sleep. Learn while they party. Save while they spend. Live like they dream.” Kajal Aggarwal

Kajal, Samantha, Tamannaah, and Rakul | FULL TRANSCRIPT:

Tamannaah: I think she looks amazing. She, whatever I see of the promo is extremely, you know, exciting. And I think the trollers will shut up once they watch the film.

Host: Can you all give one special message for all your female fans out there for women’s Day?

Rakul: To each and every girl or woman out there, you know, I don’t think firstly we need a Women’s Day to celebrate us. I think we are great. We are all multi-taskers. I think, you know, we are amazing life partners. We are mothers, we multitask at work. Honestly, I am not trying to be sexist, but men cannot multitask the way women do. And so each one of you should appreciate that. Even if you are a homemaker, I think it’s the toughest job in the world to be done. So appreciate being a woman, believe in yourself and go get the world.

Host: Superb! Sam?

Samantha: I believe that every girl, every girl out there should remember that there is a superhero in each one of us. So, never forget that strength and never forget the superhero in you.

Host: Superb! Next, Tamannaah, tell us.

Tamannaah: First of all, Happy Women’s Day to everybody. March 8th is going to be phenomenal for each and every woman. I think it’s a day where men can actually treat all their women and girls can go out with their girlfriends and spend time, enjoy each other’s company and express a little bit of how they feel about each other. And if you want to express it in the best way, then go watch Captain Marvel.

Host: Very well said. Kajal?

Kajal: A very happy Women’s Day to one and all, all over the world. And all I’d like to say is that don’t ever forget the resilience and determination that you were born with. All of us are extremely strong, extremely powerful. And regardless of what we do or the circumstances we face, regardless of where we are in life, all of us are truly superheroes. So, in Captain Marvel’s words, hire for the faster baby.

Host: Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you so much, lovely ladies. Very, very inspiring words, motivating words and thoughtful words. And now we open the floor for the press, for the media to ask their questions.

Press: Now that Marvel Studios has come up with this project, which has actually gone beyond the gender discrimination. Gender discrimination, I mean. So, what’s your take on that?

Tamannaah: Sir, I think as a female actor, you know, I feel it’s very, I mean, I talk a lot about, you know, how women should be given equal importance, the pay disparity should reduce, more female-centric films should be made. And whenever I make such comments, I realize that it’s also important and I hold responsibility for making better content. And I think as female actors, we have to push for better content. And it’s really amazing that the Marvel Studios have come up with this. And I hope we take inspiration. I think we already are creating a lot of female-centric content. But yes, as a female leading actor, I would definitely encourage it and feel responsible to choose scripts that are more empowering for me as an actor and as a woman.

Press: I think all of you would subscribe to the fact that Marvel Studios has in fact opened the front page for such a happening.

Kajal: Yes, Marvel is definitely doing a great job. And they have very seamlessly converted Marvel Universe into Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is amazing. And I’m a huge Marvel fan. So, coming from that point of view, yes, they are doing a fabulous job. But I think even back home, we are coming of age. We are making cinema which is very female-centric. There are films written for women. There are scripts which revolve only around important character of the woman. And also we have a lot of women technicians now. DoPs, directors. So, I think times have changed.

Press: What is your main reason for being, for the choice to be associated with Marvel and catching Marvel with this case? And also, I mean, if you could shed a few points on the hypocrisy on the lead actress, you know, for speaking her mind, which has been going on.

Tamannaah: You know, I kind of, I, sorry, I’m bugging you. I went through the trolls that happened, you know, on Brie. And I thought that was really, really childish. Because I know that this is, I think, if the film is good, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a girl or a boy. It doesn’t matter. The content will sell. These trolls are very childish, unfortunately, being, you know, diverted towards Brie. I think she looks amazing. She, whatever I see of the promo is extremely, you know, exciting. And I think the trollers will shut up once they watch the film.

Kajal: I’m not aware of the hypocrisy. Sorry, can you just shed some light upon it? I’ve not read about it.

Press: Yeah, supposedly, I think Brie made some remarks about, you know, diversity in interviewers, male, white interviewers. And it didn’t go well with the society, the dominantly white society.

Tamannaah: So what I, the trolls that I was talking about was about how there are, you know, very few, like few female-centric films. And now that there’s a female superhero, will that stand as strong as the male superhero counterparts? So that’s the troll I was talking about.

Kajal: Did she actually say that? In those many words?

Press: Yeah, she said, I think I quote, she said, you know, I think we need, we require more, you know, diverse ethnicities in, you know, for interviewers.

Tamannaah: I’m not exposed to that.

Kajal: For interviewers?

Press: Yeah, male, white interviewers. And this didn’t go well with, you know, in the section, the media section. And then I think she’s been receiving a lot of…

Kajal: Flack for it. But I do believe… okay, so I’m not aware of what she said. But I do believe that we do have diverse ethnicities in all fields of life. So it’s not just about the media, but even in our profession, when it comes to cinema, we do have diverse ethnicities all over the world.

Rakul: I think with all these data schemes being so, you know, free data, all that they do is sit on social media and give trolls. And I think if we start bothering about that, then when are you ever going…

Kajal: Make superhero films.

Rakul: Yeah, make superhero films or be the hero that you are. So I think trolls is the last thing that you should pay attention to.

Press: Yeah, the female role model or superhero in your own life, all of you can answer.

Rakul: I think for me, I’ve not followed one person as a role model. I think there are so many people that there’s so much to take from. And I admire many of them. And starting at home, you know, with our mothers, I think itself, because the way they have sacrificed so much. I think each one of our parents have sacrificed so much for us. I don’t think we have that strength to do that. You know, we hold on to our things so much or what we have so much. So I think I would say my mother to begin with. And then there’s so many people who have achieved so much. So one person, idealizing one person, something I’ve never had. But I really look up to all these women out here as well. I think each one of them has, you know, made a name for themselves all by themselves.

Kajal: We look up to you as well.

Rakul: I think you know what we should do? Each one of us should get one, one… power and we should do one, one thing. Like you, I’ll destroy terrorist camps. She’ll do this, you do Swachh Bharat. Then we’ll have, there’s so much to do in the country. You know, there’s so much. But I think I just like to add here, if each one of us starts believing that we can and we don’t need these powers too, then we really will be able to do it. Rather than just sitting on the stage and saying that if we get these powers, we will change or bring in Swachh Bharat. I think each one of us, just if we take our responsibility seriously, we’ll be able to bring that change. So…

Kajal: Absolutely, I agree.

Host: Can we give a big round of applause to all the women here? Thank you so much. Thank you.

Kajal, Samantha, Tamannaah, and Rakul