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Zendaya Speech: We’re the Future

Learn English with Zendaya’s speech. Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman is an American actress and singer who goes by the mononym, Zendaya. She has won several awards, including an Emmy, a Satellite, and a Saturn. At the beginning of her career, Zendaya worked as a child model and backup dancer.

In 2010, she appeared on the popular teen comedy series Shake It Up and released her debut album in 2013. Following another Disney series, K.C. Undercover, Zendaya moved to film with Spider-Man: Homecoming and The Greatest Showman in 2017, before settling into a dramatic role with Euphoria.

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Zendaya “Quote”

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“Determination. No matter what field you’re in, determination will surely get you to the top.” Zendaya

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Speech 1

Wow, I just wanna say, first of all I wanna say thank you for having me, you guys don’t understand how important the work that’s being done here is…

I’m a little nervous because, you know, this is something, you know… awards are great, but this is something that really means something and it’s something that really means something to me…

And, and so… I’m gonna make it short, I’m gonna make it sweet, but, you know, I was talking to Osa actually… just, just a little break here, we were just talking about things and she was saying, you know, thank you for, for what you do and I was just like, are you kidding me? Thank you for what you do! Right? I mean she was…

But something she said, she said you know, it’s rare that there’s a place where young people can speak and have voice and people will actually listen.

And I think that that kind of struck a chord with me because I’m a young person, right? And I’m a young person with a lot of followers… and you know, I always say that I would much rather be known for the constant of my character and the kind of person I am than the last project that I did, or the last movie that I did or the last music that I put out.

And I think it’s so important what I’ve learned and, and being here tonight is so special to me because I’m around like-minded people and like-minded young people, you know what I’m saying, like I’m around my peers. Young people like both of yourselves, who are so courageous and so beautiful in your own way and are not afraid…! To be exactly who you are, and that is so beautiful!

And so, you know, to know your purpose and to know who you are at such a young age is, is hard and its difficult and I’m lucky to be around people like this who have found that within themselves and continue to live that truth every single day and I’ve learned that like my purpose, I think, is I have this platform right, I have this platform that I’m standing on and sometimes when you get there, you realise that your purpose is not to stand on it anymore but to get off, and let somebody else stand on it.

So, so that’s what I want to continue to do and continue to push, and to every student that’s here, I just want you to know that I admire you, you know what I mean, this, this award is really for us, right, cause we are the game-changers, we are the ones who are literally changing the game! We, we are not playing, okay? It’s not a game with these millennials, alright and we are here to stay and we’re gonna change the game and I think that that’s so powerful, right, game-changer… We’re the ones who are going to, and I say it over and over again and its overused but, we are the future! We are the future leaders of the world. We are the ones who are gonna make this world a better place.

And I said it that day, and I’m gonna say it again but it’s so true; please understand the power of your voice, please understand that you have the capacity to literally change the world and I know that’s a lot of pressure, and trust me, I feel it too. Sometimes, you know, I put out an Instagram or whatever, or I’ll speak out and do whatever, and I get hit with all kinds of things, and, you know, I’m like damn, should I post that? And I’m like YES! Absolutely, I should have!

Absolutely, I should have so do not let other people’s, I guess you could say, insecurities, and do not let that fear cause fear. And, and allow that to silence you. Allow, never allow that fear to silence you. Continue to be outspoken, continue to believe and live in your truth and do exactly what you were meant to do. And so, honestly, I’m just here to say that I appreciate you and I thank you and everybody in this room for continuing to not only cultivate those young minds, but say, but give us a platform and a space to speak and listen. So, thank you for your respect, thank you for constantly respecting these young people and let’s continue to make some change and change the game, alright?

Speech 2

I’m so nervous right now. First of all, thank you Yara. This is, she is, you know, the future; she is a young woman who is educated, she’s beautiful, she’s smart… so thank you and I can’t wait for you to begin this.

Wow, what a, what a room! What a room to be in. There’s not much I can say but thank you for allowing me to be here amongst you, in your presence. Thank you, first of all, this is not about me, this is about you. This is about thanking you for showing me that my life matters, thanking you for showing me what strength means, thank you for paving the way for us, for showing us that we are worth it, that we are proud and it is okay to be proud of who we are, of our bodies, of the way we look, the way we feel; it’s beautiful and now is such a pivotal time in our history, such a pivotal, crazy time and I want you to know, all you ladies up there, you are the leaders. We are the future. We need you; we need every single one of you in this room, you are needed. You are needed to step up to the play right here, right now, and let your voice be heard. This is the time. So please, continue to do so. I appreciate you, I love you, I thank you, I support you, I’m with you, we are all with you in this room tonight, so thank you for everything that you do, thank you for allowing me to be here with you. And there’s not.. nothing else I can say, but thank you, thank you, thank you, so… I love you. To women!

Speech 3

Thank you so much. This is an absolute honour. I’m incredibly grateful to be up here in front of all you beautiful, beautiful people tonight. One of the year that’s kind of crazy, considering that I am 23 years old, I’m just figuring out how to become a young woman myself. And, and figuring it out as I go, and to be here tonight, thank you so much. And thank you, GQ, for having me. Yea, I don’t know, I don’t really know, really what to say. It’s a huge honour. I feel like sometimes, I go and I go and I go and I think a lot of us can relate to this but you go so hard and sometimes you forget to just kinda stop and, and take in moments like this… sometimes or somebody earlier, I feel like I work so much, I forget about life and to actually be present in these kinds of moments where you can look around the room, amongst people that you appreciate and, and just take it in! You know, and just, and just be happy and just be alive for a second. So, that’s what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna just like take a second, look around, be like “Holy shit!” this is happening, pretty cool, you know! So, thank you guys so much and thank you in anyway for allowing me to use my artform to connect with people and to hopefully make a positive impact in their life. And please, everyone tonight, enjoy, look around… And have a beautiful night and take in the moment.”[/read]


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