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The internet is filled with wonders. Through the internet, you have endless tools that improve your English.

If you want to learn English, and you want innovative ways to do so, keep reading.

Below, we’ll mention 5 online tools to learn English that you can use. Check each one out, and adopt them into your practice!

1. Quizlet.

This is an app that combines visuals with text.

It does so in many ways, primarily using flashcards to help English learners. It does so through simple quizzes, games, and interactive diagrams.

That’s right, since the flashcards are digital, you can interact with them. You can add as much detail and notes as you need.

This improves your learning experience.

How to Use it.

Quizlet is a very popular tool. It is one best to enhance your vocabulary.

Through Quizlet, you gain insight into what words visually represent – which is vital for mastering a language.

2. Word Reference.

Also known as, this is a translation tool.

But specifically, it is designed for the world’s most spoken languages.

This tool’s importance is in its attention to detail. It translates words and phrases, providing endless options on what a word means.

It’s a detailed encyclopedia of word meanings.


This website has been around since 1999. It has been consistently ranked in the top 500 visited of all time.

It’s almost 20 years old. And that’s how long its developers have been updating its databases.

Better than Google Translate?

Sometimes, it is.

Google translate can accept more language pairs than Word Reference. But, it isn’t as comprehensive.

It lacks depth, and it isn’t good at translating words with wide implications.

3. Dream Reader.

One doesn’t learn English just for speech. They learn to read it too.

Dreamer Reader helps with that. It’s a website designed to help you improve your English reading skills.

It does so by uploading articles and content. You read those articles and are then tested on what you have read.

The tests gauge how well you absorbed the material.

It’s a place to practice comprehension. It develops your ability to understand while improving your English vocabulary too.

More about the Website.

This website was founded by Neil Millington, an EFL lecturer in Japan.

His mission is to provide an online tool that develops reading skills – one that is effective.

You see, it is hard finding a free online tool for reading development. Most are sold as courses, or as exercise books for students.

This is what Dream Reader does. It provides a free online tool for those who need access to practice.

4. Forvo.

When you learn to speak English, proper pronunciation is a must.

It’s a core part of being fluent. You want to speak smoothly, and to be understood as you talk.

This is what Forvo does. It’s a database of English words, showing you how a native speaker would pronounce each one.

You can also get pronunciations of words in other major languages. Examples include French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

A Necessity.

Offline, the only way to pronounce words correctly is by hearing them from others.

Now, you don’t need that. You can simply listen to word pronunciations online, through a website like Forvo.

Obviously, there are other websites like it. But this is the most comprehensive.

5. Lang 8.

This website is less of an online tool and more of a gathering place for English learners.

Here, you get to improve your writing skills.

What you do is submit your writing to the website. There, it gets reviewed by native English speakers, where they correct your mistakes.

Through this website, you get free revisions. You get “instructor” guides on improving your writing.

Again, this website works with a multitude of languages, not just English. It’s also based on good-will, with free give and take.

Many Online Tools – Pick What You Need.

This article presented a list of 5 free English learning tools.

That’s right, all of them are free. You don’t need to pay anything out of pocket to use each tool.

Through those tools, you speak English better at no cost. All you pay is time and commitment.

Not to mention, each tool focuses on a different aspect of English mastery.

You have tools that expand your vocabulary, improve your reading, improve your writing, and also translating.

This list supplies a full package needed for English education. So we recommend you start using the tools on this list now!