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There are so many ways to improve your English.

You can read, write, attend courses, or watch videos. Or, you can try old methods of hanging around native speakers.

Today, we’ll discuss 1 of those methods of how to learn English through videos and movies – this being subtitled videos and movies.

They’re one of the best ways to speak English well. So below, we’ll provide you with English tips on using subtitled content!

1. Watch Content You’re Interested In.

The best ways to absorb subtitled content is through focus.

You can’t focus on content if it is boring for you. So the content has to be interesting, if not entertaining.

Pick content in a field of your interests. Make sure you understand the topic well, or that you have professional or hobbyist experience in it.

For Example.

Maybe you’re interested in sports – specifically football.

You can watch subtitled football analysis, or you can watch movies on football. You can even watch documentaries on the sport!

You’ll have an easier time absorbing what is spoken, and the subtitles too.

2. You Watch Documentaries.

Many documentaries are subtitled. This is for an important reason.

Documentaries use business English more than casual English. Thus, they’re easier to translate into clear subtitles.

There are rarely any “phrases” or “idioms” to consider.

Also, documentaries are interesting. They are food for thought, supplying unlimited facts and perspective into a field.

Combine Points 1 and 2.

You can watch subtitled documentaries on a topic you’re interested in.

For example, maybe you’re interested in war documentaries. You can watch those in subtitles, where you master your interests in English!

3. Don’t “Marathon” Through the Content.

Watch the content slowly. If possible, watch subtitled content a few minutes at a time.

You can watch 10 minutes, then take a break to revise what you watched. You can then watch another 10 minutes, and so forth.

So why do this? It’s because you’re watching to improve your English. So you have to slow down every now and then.

What You Should be Doing.

When watching subtitled content, you should be taking notes.

You should take notes of many things. This includes new words you hear on screen, which you can translate later.

You can also record phrases or responses you can use.

This act is slightly effort intensive. And doing so requires you pause the content often.

4. Always Use Recorded Content.

Don’t watch content on TV channels.

Instead, download movies and documentaries. Then watch them on your own time, through a computer or TV.

This lets you pause to take notes – which is something you can’t do with a TV network.

Also, recorded content is pre-selected. You choose the topics you want to learn from, which lets you pick what is interesting to you.

Where to Get Content.

You can get it anywhere.

You can buy the content in CDs or DVDs. Or, you can download movies & YouTube videos from the internet.

But, do note that buying content is better – since the content is in higher quality.

There are better voice quality and better graphics resolution. The clarity helps you educate yourself better.

5. Watch Subtitled Content More than Once.

This helps you revise the content, to pick up on words you missed.

It’s also something to do with repetition. Humans learn through repetition and memorization, especially when it comes to language.

If you watch content more than once, you might get to the point of memorizing it. This is good since you can use what you hear into your speech.

Does this Apply to Movies Too?

Yes. It’s fun to watch movies more than once.

Pick your favorite movies. They can be anything from an action movie, to a comedy one.

Watch it subtitled over and over.

You can also find a series of that movie to binge on.

For example, maybe you like Harry Potter movies. You can watch the full movie series multiple times (with subtitles).

It’s enjoyable, and each time, you’ll enjoy learning from the content.

6. The Takeaway.

Learning English through movies and subtitles is a good method.

It’s an exercise that combines education and entertainment. It’s where you get to learn English while enjoying the whole process.

But do note that you should diversify your methods. Don’t just learn through movies and documentaries.

Also, read books, practice writing, and get native speakers to help.

If possible, look for online lessons and instructions. They’ll further improve your commitment to the language.

And they’ll smooth your learning experience!