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Jacqueline Fernandez: Jacqueline Builds

Learn English with Jacqueline Fernandez’s Speech. As part of the Tamil Nadu Flood Relief campaign ‘Jacqueline Builds’, actress Jacqueline Fernandez raised funds to build houses for flood-hit Chennai victims. Her cause received tremendous support from schools. Model and actress Jacqueline Fernandez hails from Sri Lanka. Besides appearing in reality shows and music videos, she has worked in Indian films, predominantly in Hindi. Following her debut with Aladdin in 2009, she established a career in Hindi cinema.

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Jacqueline Fernandez “Quote”

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“What motivates me is that the best is yet to come.” Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez | FULL TRANSCRIPT:

Please do well in school because you only get to go to school once in your life. And when that’s over, trust me on this and you will remember what I tell you. You’ll want to come back to school. So just remember, have the best time that you can. Be good to your teachers, study hard, make yourself proud. Forget anyone else, make yourself proud.


Jacqueline Fernandez: First of all, thank you so much Panbhai College, Panbhai School for having me here today. I go to many events but today is a very very special and one of my most special events because I’m here with all of you. And being such young children, it’s amazing to see your support and your interest in the cause that we are doing for Tamil Nadu flood victims.

So, I want to tell you all something. You are all very privileged to have a home and I hope you know that. Do you know that? That you have a home, you have a roof over your head, you have a floor, you have bathrooms, you have a bed to sleep on. You know how lucky you are? Very lucky, very lucky. And there are a lot of people now who are suffering with no home.

So imagine if you don’t have a home to go to. So that is why you have helped a lot of people actually now have a home. So I want you to now give yourself a big round of applause.

And that’s why today is a very very special day for me to be here with you because… Are you still clapping for yourself? Yeah?

So it’s very special for me to be here today because without your help, we would not be able to do this charity and we’d not be able to go and help other people. So each one of you, whatever you’ve done, just your contribution, your support is a big deal. So please remember that. And also what I wanted to share with you is Habitat for Humanity.

It’s not just about what funding you’re giving us, it’s also about your contribution and volunteering. Okay? So we do need a lot of volunteers and we appreciate all of you for doing that. Your word of mouth really helps as well. And thank you members of the board for having me here and for your support.

It’s been amazing. Thank you Anuradha. She is the lady who got me into Habitat for Humanity. And I know all of you are in school right now, but I want to say something. Please do well in school because you only get to go to school once in your life. And when that’s over, trust me on this and you will remember what I tell you.

You’ll want to come back to school. So just remember, have the best time that you can. Be good to your teachers, study hard, make yourself proud. Forget anyone else, make yourself proud. So that years later when you’re done with school, you can say, yeah, but I was amazing in school. I was really good in school.

So make sure you do that as well. And whenever you can, help people, give to people. And remember, it’s the most beautiful thing you can do as a human being. So help and give. I hope you guys remember that. Basically, I have been working with Habitat for Humanity for about five years. And this year I was particularly concerned about the floods in Tamil Nadu.

So Habitat for Humanity helped me put together a build and we named the build Jacqueline Builds But what we did not really actually expect was the amount of support and encouragement and help that we have been receiving from all over India. And one such particular support was Pan by School. So my sincere thank you to everyone who donated, everyone who helped.

Every little rupee, every little word of mouth, every little awareness, you know, really helps. Every single one person volunteering helps. And, you know, I am so grateful that we have such people like Pan by College, Pan by School. I keep calling you guys college. Pan by School, you know, who really do take an interest.

And the great thing about this initiative and what they have done for Jacqueline Builds is the children that they have actually inspired and they have actually educated about how important it is to actually have a home.

Audience: Jacqueline, just like you are working for a great cause, we at CNN-IBN have taken up a cause of this gentleman who’s a skating champion in the Olympics for the disabled.

This time he wants to go to the US in 2018 and participate for the Winter Olympics. A word of support would be really great if you can just encourage him and ask people to just fund him and support him.

Jacqueline Fernandez: I think, you know, people who are into sport and need the encouragement, it’s a very, very important thing for the country, especially to encourage such people because they bring a lot of pride to the country and they also do it in a way to represent the country.

So I really hope that he does make it to the US and I really hope that he comes back with a gold medal. So basically the build is happening on the 9th of April in Chennai and we’ve located a place where we are going to be doing our build. We’re hoping to achieve, hopefully, homes for 10,000 families. So we are still looking at a lot of support from people, a lot of donations and volunteers.

And it’s, you know, I’ve done a build before. It’s an amazing experience. You know, you go there, you actually build your home with the person who will be later receiving the home. And you start from bottom up. So you’re there carrying bricks, you’re there putting cement, you get really dirty, you get, you know, I mean, like it’s hot.

But there’s a certain satisfaction at the end of the day when you’re done with it because you feel really, really happy with the work you’ve done. You’ve really put your blood and sweat into it. And the people that you hand over the keys to at the end of the day are so happy and so grateful for the, you know, I mean, support that you’ve given them that that is absolutely priceless.

So that is happening on the 9th of April. There’s a lot of information on the website, on the website. And my page is there, the Jacqueline Bills page is there. So people can read up about it and, you know, they can see any contribution helps. I mean, that’s the most important thing. You know, if it’s not money, it’s volunteering.

If it’s not volunteering, it’s awareness. If it’s, you know, so any kind of contribution helps. I think our fraternity has been very supportive with each other. I think whenever there is someone from the industry who seeks help for whatever, for their movies or for their promotions or for even causes, charities, I always feel like, you know, Bollywood, like the film industry always stands up and they always stand up in solidarity.

And I love that actually about my industry. So, yes, I mean, like already I’ve got a lot of support from a lot of my co-stars and people working with me and who have worked with me. So, you know, yeah, we’re always there for each other. Very important. Thank you, guys. Happy Holi, everyone, and see you on the 9th of April in Chennai for Jacqueline Bills.“[/read]

Jacqueline Fernandez

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