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Learn English with Tom Holland & Zendaya. Join Tom Holland and Zendaya as they dive into an extended interview answering IMDb fan questions, revealing everything from their Hogwarts House connections to secret talents, a potential cameo in Euphoria, and their favorite ice cream flavors. Don’t miss the chance to see the Spider-Man: No Way Home co-stars share laughs, inside jokes, and personal insights in this engaging and revealing discussion. Perfect for fans of the Spider-Man franchise and those who can’t get enough of this dynamic duo!

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Tom Holland: The harder you try, the better the impression you set on the people around you.

The harder you try, the better the impression you set on the people around you.

Tom Holland


Tom Holland: I am Tom Holland.

Zendaya: I’m Zendaya.

Tom Holland: And we are here today to answer some IMDB fan questions. One of the best things about playing Spider-Man is getting to work with Zendaya.

Zendaya: One of the best things about playing MJ is getting to work with… Tom Holland.

Tom Holland: Yes.

Zendaya: There’s a bunch of things I could say. I think MJ, or at least our version of MJ, is very special to me. But I love just kind of being able to take my time with the character. I think something John has done really well is like, we’ve really seen her evolve over time. And their love story evolved over time. So it’s been nice to like see her grow as a character. You know, from being very shy and guarded in the first film to now kind of opening up and being like… Being a little bit more…

Tom Holland: Confident.

Zendaya: Yeah. And maybe positive. Who would have thought? Not me.

Tom Holland: I think for me with Spider-Man, what I love so much about playing this character is the endless possibilities we have with the action sequences. Anything that you can imagine doing as Spider-Man is something that George Cottle and his team can recreate in the world of stunts. And also, you know, with our amazing visual effects teams. It’s just kind of like, you know, I remember as a kid I used to use this app called Pivot where you could animate stick men. Obviously as boys, all we would do is make them fight each other. So for me, getting to do that on a much grander scale and spend hundreds of millions of dollars from Sony’s pocket is really fun.

One of my favourite Christmas movies, and it is my favourite Christmas movie because I have such a strong connection with it, to it with my mum, is Just Friends with Ryan Reynolds. I love that movie. My mum and I watch that every year and it just like, honestly, the pair of us every year wet ourselves laughing.

Zendaya: I would say probably The Home Alones.

Tom Holland: Home Alones are excellent.

Zendaya: Yeah.

Tom Holland: It’s pretty great.

Zendaya: And as a little kid when you’re watching it, you’re like, this is sick.

Tom Holland: But you know what’s interesting?

Zendaya: Like you think that you can do that.

Tom Holland: Yeah, totally. But the concept of Home Alone is actually terrifying.

Zendaya: No, it’s horrible. It’s absolutely horrible.

Tom Holland: Like, if I’m a home alone, and there’s a strong gust of wind and a tree branch like scratches the window, I’m petrified. Yeah. It’s the idea of two burglars trying to break in. I’m a really good cook, albeit you don’t think so. And Zendaya claims that she’s a really good cook and I don’t think so.

Zendaya: Well, I’ve never really had the…

Tom Holland: To be fair, that Black Bean Burger thing you made the other day was actually really good.

Zendaya: Yeah. And listen, I’ve never had one of your dishes that was so fancy and special.

Tom Holland: Yeah, I specialize in meat dishes and you’re vegetarian.

Zendaya: Yeah. And the meat dish I heard you made your brother said was awful. So I don’t know.

Tom Holland: It wasn’t awful.

Zendaya: I heard it was awful.

Tom Holland: It was ever so slightly overcooked. And when I say ever so slightly, I mean at least 20 minutes it was in there… I do these roast potatoes that will knock your socks off.

Zendaya: Talking all this, but I have yet to taste it, so. No.

Tom Holland: Absolutely not. It was so stressful and we did such a good job.

Zendaya: I just want to add also, he made it seem like we were going to, you know, we were like, let’s keep it chill, like let’s not do too much. We’re just going to like do a good job. We’re not going to stress ourselves out and we’re just going to like coast, right? Come to show day, there is rain and costume changes. And sparklers and backflips.

Tom Holland: I didn’t have any sparklers.

Zendaya: Yes, there is.

Tom Holland: You came out of a private jet and had a cannon full of confetti.

Zendaya: I’m just saying.

Tom Holland: And you showered me in dollar bills.

Zendaya: You didn’t say that all that was happening. Okay? There was two songs. It’s lip sync battle. You’re supposed to pick one song. How was he able to do two? I don’t know. It feels like that breaks the rules. I broke the rules. And there’s a rule book somewhere. We should look back and recalculate.

Tom Holland: But everyone knows that rules are there to be broken. Listen, I have been petitioning for this for a long time. And it has not happened yet. And I’m very disappointed. I must have come to visit Euphoria at least 30 times this season.

Zendaya: I know. We should have tried to Easter egg. Put you in there.

Tom Holland: I want to be in Euphoria.

Zendaya: Okay. Let me talk to some people. HBO. Get them on the phone. It’s changed.

Tom Holland: It’s always changing. You had some weird ice cream the other day.

Zendaya: Was that weird?

Tom Holland: It was weird.

Zendaya: No, it wasn’t.

Tom Holland: Yes, it was strange. It was like pumpkin cheesecake ice cream. No, it wasn’t even. It was weirder than that.

Zendaya: No, I think it was… like sweet potato pie ice cream or something like that. But it wasn’t my favorite.

Tom Holland: I know. It was weird.

Zendaya: My favorite is brown sugar almond brittle from Jenny’s.

Tom Holland: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. You do like that. I do like that.

Zendaya: So getting to the end of Euphoria, I was eating a pint of that a day, which is not particularly good for you. No. Yeah, but you know. It was really good.

Tom Holland: I’m not a huge ice cream lover. We did go to that place the other day, the Salt and Straw place. And I just had loads of different types. And I really liked the mint chocolate chip. It was nice.

Zendaya: He can’t get his teeth cold. I can eat ice cream with my teeth. But he’s got a lot like…

Tom Holland: I can’t do cold things. Like, if I get a cold lime and soda and there’s too much ice in it and it hits my teeth, it’s game over.

Zendaya: He’s got to bite it with his lips.

Producer: How do you deal with the Frappuccinos, though? Don’t you like iced coffee, though, Tom?

Tom Holland: I just put it past my teeth. I put the straw past my teeth. I got…

Zendaya: Yeah. I would hope that no… Who’s, like, drinking through a straw through their teeth?

Tom Holland: Through their teeth? Oh.

Zendaya: That’s weird.

Tom Holland: That would be awful. You just proceeded to explain how everyone in the world drinks with a straw.

Tom Holland: I think PETA would be in Hufflepuff. But I think I would be in Gryffindor. Because I think PETA is a very, very accepting person, whereas, I think the people in Gryffindor are real go-getters, you know? They’re all about the Quidditch team and it’s like, imagine where the jocks are, you know? Whereas the people in Hufflepuff, I reckon like, is where more of the artistic people end up going to, you know? But I also think Peter Parker looks great in yellow. Right?

Producer: What about MJ?

Zendaya: MJ.

Tom Holland: Slytherin, all day long.

Zendaya: Lies, no.

Tom Holland: Dirty snake, you’re slytherin.

Zendaya: Am I?

Tom Holland: Yes.

Zendaya: Just because someone is honest and upfront does not mean that they’re Slytherin.

Tom Holland: No, no, no.

Zendaya: Okay?

Tom Holland: Maybe you could be the person to turn Slytherin around and stop giving it such a bad rep, you know? Maybe MJ could…

Zendaya: I think she’d throw off the beaten path because, you know, Ravenclaw or something, you know?

Tom Holland: Yeah, Ravenclaw’s not a bad one.

Zendaya: You know, something just really, you know, she’s like the underrated ones that people don’t talk about.

Tom Holland: That’s true.

Zendaya: Nice. Zendaya would be a Gryffindor, yeah.

Tom Holland: Tessa would definitely be in…

Zendaya: Hufflepuff.

Tom Holland: No, she’d be in Ravenclaw.

Zendaya: They’re so cute.

Tom Holland: Because she’s quite… Whereas Noon?

Slytherin. All day. Noon is Voldemort.

I like the homemade suit. The one where it’s just pajamas.

Zendaya: Probably better for you. Yeah, it’s comfortable. Yeah. I would agree, actually. And you hate on the Iron Spider suit. That one’s sick. He doesn’t like it for some reason.

Tom Holland: Do you know what annoys me about it? Those stupid gauntlets, right? He can’t do that with his wrists.

Zendaya: That’s where you draw the line in reality, dude.

Tom Holland: Mate, imagine the bruises he must have on his poor hands.

Zendaya: The metal literally goes grrrr on things.

Tom Holland: I know.

Zendaya: And then all of a sudden…

Tom Holland: Nanotechnology, Zendaya.

Zendaya: So why can’t the nanotechnology be on that part?

Tom Holland: Because I don’t think it’s that advanced yet.

Zendaya: See, you just realized that you didn’t think about that. Yeah, caught.

Tom Holland: I’m tired of doing these with you.

Zendaya: I’m just saying.

Tom Holland: There’s cool aspects to it. I just, this hand thing irritates me. That’s why when I shoot webs in the suit, I don’t do this. I do this. That’s how close to the detail that I am.

Zendaya: Well, now that you know it’s nanotechnology, you’re fine.

Tom Holland: Ugh.