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Esha Gupta: Feminine Hygiene

Learn English with Esha Gupta’s speech. Esha Gupta, an actress from Bollywood, has launched a biodegradable sanitary pad brand ‘Sanitease’ along with a Green Menstrual Hygiene Program with Aquakraft’s SWACHHAGRAHA and the UN Global Compact Network India. It was held at the RD National College in Mumbai in 2018.

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Esha Gupta “Quote”

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“You need a strong family because, in the end, they will love you and support you unconditionally.” Esha Gupta


Good morning, everyone. I’m really glad to see, first of all, all of you here for such a great initiative by Dr. Subramanya. And firstly, I’d like to start with saying, sir, thank you so much. Dr. Subramanya and I actually are neighbors. And it just so happened, you know, it just… it feels really good that the work that I do, apart from just being an actor, the work that I do in the social causes and just raising the social awareness, that Dr. Subramanya was actually aware of that and you know, he was able to get me together for, you know, join hands for such an initiative which is Swachh federation and the UN Global Compact Network.

So, Swachh, I don’t know how many of you know that, so I’d like to repeat Swachh actually stands for ‘Sanitation and Water for Community, Health and Hygiene’. The word community only shows that how Swachh and Aquaguard and UN, like how we’re trying to get the community and by community we are not saying Bandra, Versova, Andheri. Community we mean, women, people, Indians, all of us together is the humanity. The community over here means humanity. Getting humanity together for the betterment of hygiene and health and sanitation and water. And what better way to launch a product like Sanitease.

I’m just glad we are at that era and at that stage right now where a woman can openly stand on a podium in front of hundreds of people and talk about sanitation. I don’t know how many of you know that but honestly, I’m not gonna talk about rural India, I’m gonna talk right now about the urban India. I’m talking about Mumbai, I’m talking about Delhi, I’m talking about Hyderabad. I’m talking about cities like this. A lot of women till now are using, when it comes to sanitation, when it comes to menstruation, they are actually using the handmade cloth, the cloth which they just, you know, the extra cloth which is lying around at home, they’re using that.

And that is what causes a lot of health issues, a lot of hygiene issues in women in India in today’s day and age. And we’re talking about 2018. We’re not talking about 1990s, we’re talking about 2018 where we have films which are actually made only on sanitization and publicly, we are announcing that okay, the prices are less of all the sanitary pads. But even then, a lot of them are using, in urban cities, handmade cloths or fabrics which… or cotton which is actually really unhealthy and they don’t realize this is what leads to a further problem, health problem in women as they keep aging. And this is where Sanitease comes in.

Sanitease, first of all, is biodegradable which really excited me, sir, honestly. The fact that, someone has put, you know, we are banning plastic. Let’s just start by that, we’re banning plastic but we haven’t thought about something like this before and this is where I stepped in and this is what I said yes, we need to now start a revolution and start something better and that’s when Sanitease came in. It’s biodegradable, it’s fresher, it’s healthier, it is much, much cheaper, when it comes to costing, than any other sanitary, commercially, you know, sold sanitary napkin in this day and age. The price I think is something that and it being biodegradable, that a lot of people would I feel go for it and probably buy and use it is because, you know, because I see a lot of men here and this is by, apart form women.

I want even men to know this because, my father, my brother, my boyfriend, my friends, I want all of them to know that how much important a woman’s hygiene is. Her health is honestly related all about hygiene. That is why I feel that women are superior but when it comes to our internal organs, we need to be taken more care of. That’s why I think every women should be treated like a queen or princess honestly. Because a little problem in our hygiene, a little carelessness in our hygiene leads to 68% of the problems in women’s health.

Coming back to Sanitease, it’s green. That is what we’re promoting that it’s green. And the fact that, you know, nearly like we have, I think almost more than half of our population right now is women and girls. So first of all, a big yay and round of applause for government. Years back banning, you know, female foetus killing, so thank you for that because women are the next generation. Of course, the men are the generation now, but women are the next leaders of the world. So as I said that more than half of our population and I’m just talking India; I’m not also talking whole of the world. Most of our country’s population, more than half, is women and girls. Over 355 million are right now menstruating. And out of that, I’m talking only 10% who are actually healthy and taking care of themselves mainly because of the… mainly because it’s not reaching in the rural area and mainly because of the price.

And like I said, this is why I’m really happy and honored to be launching Sanitease. It’s biodegradable, so go green, grow the nation, cleaning. It’s much, much, much cheaper than the commercial pads which we are selling. And like I said, it’s for everyone. it is for everyone, It is just promotion of a healthy woman, a healthy girl in your life is what’s gonna take the nation ahead. Thank you so much.

Thanks, Esha, for this lovely inspiring speech. In fact, I truly honor. As she says, we are neighbors. I just told her yesterday in the morning that this is what we are doing. And this shows the responsible branding that needs to come. Everybody doesn’t do this. Just… I think she came back from Dubai the day before. I just said it in the morning that this is something that we are launching. She immediately asked me what it is. The moment I said it is green, she says bingo. Another initiative just before you came, we launched is with our association of hotels and restaurants where we’ll be putting water ATMs which will have clay bottles and green technologies. All our friends were … before we did that. Just request you to now officially launch Sanitease, open that.

Esha Gupta